Run World Class Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

TheInfluhub enables world class original influencer campaigns for leading brands and Global Fortune 500s.


Leading Global Influencer Platform

Our team integrates with yours to ensure proactive, real-time communication, while creating authentic, data-driven campaigns that get to the heart and soul of your brand story.


Connected Network Of Influencers

Years of executing campaigns have helped us shape strong direct relationships with influencers, bloggers, and other creators. Coupled with our data-backed insights into key demographics and KPI’s, we not only ensure the perfect fit – but the perfect relationship.



Creative Strategy & Direction

We infuse your brand’s core messaging into everything we produce by working alongside the talent to create authentic, story-driven content that lives beyond the campaign. We create key strategy points, geared toward distribution and promotion, optimized for brand recognition and conversion.


Contracting & Activation

Talent acquisition and management are key to a successful campaign. We manage the entire contracting and negotiating process – including pricing strategy, legal contracts, compliance, and everything in between. From campaign deliverables to final payment, we’ve got it covered.



Paid Media

Syndicate influencer content with an experienced approach to user acquisition and paid media. Our team will define ad auctions, budget allocations, offers, copy, creative and more, all on the basis of ROI-across all major ad auctions and channels including Facebook®, Instagram®, Google®, TikTok®, Snapchat® and more.


Self-Service Software & APIs

Our best-in-class self-service software and APIs allow for seamless Influencer campaign search, management, and tracking backed by analytics. Access a dedicated dashboard or integrate over 400+ custom data points into in-house tools and technologies.


Everything your team needs in one package.

Whether you are looking for a YouTube superstar or an Instagram micro-influencer, you’re in good company. Sign up today and see why TheInfluhub has managed over $250 million worth of influencer marketing campaigns to date.


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