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See how we’re reinventing the way teams activate influencer marketing campaigns.

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For big brands and agencies

We offer a fully customizable enterprise platform, with available API access, designed for large brands and agencies that need a scalable influencer marketing solution backed by experienced support. Get in touch with one of our product specialists to start reviewing your organization’s requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of our most common questions. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us directly.

How does TheInfluhub work?

Advertisers work with TheInfluhub in a few different ways. First, companies work with our managed service teams to seamlessly launch influencer marketing campaigns at scale. Second, individuals and teams can use our self-service platform to manage their own individual influencer relationships and execute their own user-generated content campaigns. Lastly, enterprise applications utilize TheInfluhu as an integrated API solution to power cross-channel social, consumer and brand insights.

Do you have active compliance and fraud prevention measures in place?

When it comes to evaluating audience credibility, TheInfluhub has continued to grow and expand it’s offerings for brand safety and protection from fake/bot followers, likes, or comments, or individuals taking part in the engagement rings to artificially grow/boost accounts. In addition, sponsored disclosures are always required and reviewed for every campaign.

How long does it take to get started?

We can activate campaigns in as little as seven days, depending on your requirements. Every brand or agency campaign is a little different, so it’s best to contact us directly.

Does TheInfluhub specialize in regulated industries?

Yes, we have extensive experience in navigating state, federal, and international guidelines for the promotion of products and services in highly regulated industries. Feel free to contact our team directly for additional information on how we can help.

Can you work with my industry or market specific use-case?

TLDR: Absolutely. We provide concrete analysis built on top of tailored personas, categories, interests, or performance requirements. Our suite of solutions are designed to help companies find the perfect influencers, reach target audiences, and determine a strategy that’s tailored to specific business goals.