Fraud Detection & Reporting

Analyze social profiles for fraudulent engagement and fake
followers using our advanced AI-based fraud-detection

Social Media Fraud Is On The Rise

As the influencer marketing industry continues to grow, so too has the market for fake followers and fake likes. Unethical influencers cheat with audience size and engagement to trick unsuspecting advertisers. Key methods most commonly used to defraud include purchasing fake/bot followers, likes, or comments, or taking part in the engagement rings to artificially grow/boost accounts.

Best-In-Class Fraud Detection System

When it comes to evaluating audience credibility, TheInfluhub has continued to grow and expand its offerings for brand safety and protection with next-generation AI-based fraud detection technology.

Our audit methodology relies on algorithms that tie fake followers/likes statistically to known bot farms. Confirm the authentic relationship between an influencer and their audience and verify whether followers and engagements are real or fake prior to making your final selection of influencers for a campaign – saving you both time and money while protecting your brand in the process.

How It Works

Provide us with social profile or post URLs. That’s it. We do the scanning, you get emailed the report. No monthly commitment is required, simply purchase credits for the data you’d like analyzed. If you already have a TheInfluhub account, inform us which influencers (from each respective campaign) require scanning. We’ll handle the rest.

Example use cases:

1. Scan profiles to screen influencers for fraud before running a campaign.

2. Scan posts on active campaigns for post-campaign fraud reporting.


TheInfluhub Is Committed To Transparency & Brand Safety

Seamlessly integrate our social insights with your enterprise application to see more data, craft effective campaigns, and make better business decisions. With access to millions of influencers’ insights, you’ll be better equipped to capture your target audience. Our suite of influencer marketing APIs provides sponsored campaign, post data, and creator metrics to today’s leading enterprise applications and tools in real-time. Get to know the fans of any influencer with our comprehensive audience demographics.


Example Audit: Instagram

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Inquire About Pricing

All audits are self-serve and do not require a monthly commitment to run. Clients shall be invoiced at the close of each Service Month for Self-Serve Audits run during that Service Month. For full details about pricing or to request a sample audit please email [email protected] to learn more.