10 Rising Influencers to Keep an Eye on in 2023


The new year is an exciting time full of new opportunities — and influencers! People are working around the clock to build their personal brands and secure marketing campaigns with their favorite companies. It’s super important to keep an eye on the rising influencers so that your company can create deals with them as they […]

Influencer Taxes: Everything You Need To Know


More and more people are setting themselves up as online influencers. It might seem like a fun hobby at first—but if you’re earning money from your activities, you may need to pay taxes, just like you would for any other business. So, do influencers need to register as a business? Do TikTok influencers pay taxes? […]

The Best Discord Servers for Influencers


Discord has become a very popular platform for influencers to connect with one another, as well as their fans. These servers have real-time messaging, video chats, and voice chat capabilities that elevate the way that people interact across digital spaces. Lately, there has been a rise in Discord servers for influencers. These platforms help influencers […]

Animal YouTube Channels That Every Animal Lover Should Watch


YouTube has become a go-to platform for people seeking reaction and commentary, beauty, gaming, and the best category of them all, animal-related content! There are thousands of animal YouTube channels that cater to every pet and animal lover’s interests. From heartwarming stories to educational documentaries, these channels are a great way to learn more about […]

Top AI Writing Programs That Make Writing a Breeze


Technology is advancing constantly, making everyday tasks easier and easier. Writing is a skill that’s necessary for almost any professional field in some way. Whether you’re penning the next best-selling novel, updating your blog, or writing emails to your boss, you want your writing to be top notch. Thankfully, AI writing programs are here as […]

Crypto Trends to Keep An Eye Out for in 2023


Cryptocurrencies have been making headlines in recent years, their popularity surging as more people take interest in digital currency. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, the rise of cryptocurrencies is fueled by their potential to transform the way we think about money, investments, and financial transactions. However, the market for cryptocurrencies is highly volatile and subject to […]

Ex-Twitter Employee Creates Spill: Newest Twitter Competitor


Alphonzo “Phonz” Terrell was one of the many employees who lost their jobs when Elon Musk took over Twitter almost five months ago. But Terrell didn’t let that set him back. A little over a month after Twitter’s mass layoffs, Terrell announced his new company — a platform that looks ready to be the newest […]

How to Boost Your Instagram Engagement Rates


As a visual platform, Instagram has become an essential tool for businesses and influencers looking to reach a wider audience. However, with the constant algorithm updates and changing user behavior, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends and strategies for boosting Instagram engagement rates. The rise of Instagram influencer marketing has […]

Binance News: The Company Future and Expansion into Europe


Ever heard of Binance? As one of the leading players in the Crypto industry, every crypto fanatic needs to stay up to date on the most recent Binance news. Cryptocurrency has come a long way since the first digital currency, Bitcoin, was created in 2009. As the popularity of cryptocurrency skyrocketed, so has the demand […]

Zoe Sugg Net Worth Breakdown: Both Beauty and Bank


Who Is Zoë Sugg? Zoë Sugg, also known by her online name, Zoella, is a British social media star, entrepreneur, and author. Zoë began her career in 2009 as a YouTuber, making her one of the original stars of the platform. Entertainment runs in the family, and Zoë’s younger brother, Joe Sugg, is also a […]